Welcome Sage Oak & Inspire
Charter School Students

Gorman Coming soon 

We are so excited to be a new vendor within your homeschooling network. We promise to give your child a positive and fun experience while they're learning  circus and acrobatic arts. Our teachers are the performers for our professional troupe, the American Acrobats  which has been in existence for nearly 27 years. Your child/children will be getting top of the line instruction in a safe and positive environment. Thank you for considering us as your vendor of choice.

When signing up for classes we ask that you put your child’s full name followed by SO (Sage Oak ) or ICS (Inspire Charter School).  This will help us easily identify and separate our Sage Oak students from our other students regarding payments. Each child has to have their own account.

Example:   Mary Jenegar SO
Bobby Smith ICS

Step by Step Directions

Step 1 - Create an account on mind/Body with your child's name followed by SO or ICS

Step 2 - Complete the sign in process
- Repeat steps 1-2 for each student that will be taking classes.

Step 3 - Sign up for classes (You will only be able to sign up for your child's classes once we have received your Purchase Order/Enrichment Certificate)

Done - *We are asking all students to sign in by 3:30pm so we can meet our teacher/student ratio. That also means taking yourself off by 3:30pm if you are unable to come for whatever reason. This way you won't get charged.*

Note- As of March 2019 we will no longer be able to allow Charter School siblings to share discounted blocks of classes. However, the discounted blocks are still available to each individual student.  Please call (909) 999-0370 if you have any questions.

Note- that we must receive a purchase order from Sage Oak or Enrichment Certificate for Inspire for your child/children before you can sign your child/children up for any classes. Please refer to your school calendar to confirm the dates that are (or are not ) suitable for services to be provided.

Thank you. :)
Karen Castle -Owner

If you have any questions, please contact me at info@americanacrobatsfitness.com.



  • Single Class - $25

  • 8 Block of Classes - $160 ($20 per class)

  • 16 Block of Classes - $280 ($17.50 per class)


  • Friday Open Workout (Not on 8/16 Block) - $20


  • Friday Open Workout (Not on 8/16 Block) - $20

    We also offer Summer Circus Camp!