Basic Information

Most classes will be taught by the American Acrobats elite professional performers and owner Karen Castle. Because of the high level of instruction, participants will learn a lot more and get faster results in a shorter period of time.

There are no monthly commitments. You can take as many classes as you want. Take 2 -4 classes a week, 1 class a week, even 1 class a month. It’s your choice. You can even switch classes by taking one type of class one day and then another type the next day. With our online scheduling and payment system you'll even have the flexibility to reschedule a class that has already been paid for.    We do suggest that if you plan on coming to the same class on a regular basis that you schedule and pay online for those classes way in advance to reserve your spot. Regular classes will be an hour long. 



Class Descriptions

All Aerial  - Ribbon (Silks), Lier, Hammock, Web/Rope, Single Trapeze and our new act Stropes.  Ribbon is 2 large strands of fabric that hang from ceiling to floor. Hammock is one larger strand of fabric that loops down similar to a normal hammock. Lier is an aerial ballet on a hoop. Web/Rope is an aerial ballet with an ankle and a wrist loop for the performer to spin. Stropes is our new creation! it is two loops of spanset ropes where the performer can crochet the strands while performing tricks and poses. Single Trapeze is a bar suspended by two ropes where the performer can do a variety of tricks and drops including neck swivels.
Fabric Fitness - A fun and creative way to gain strength, flexibility and balance in your body. A hint of performance fun. For anybody with any body. Ages 16 and up.  
Acrobrats - A fun kids class with a variety of ground and aerial acrobatics including: Trampoline, Low Wire, Rola-Bola, Acro Pyramids, Rhythmic Ribbon, Basic Tumbling, Hand Balancing, Aerial Ribbon, Aerial Hammock, Single Trapeze, ect.
Ground Acrobatics & Hand Balancing - Ground acrobatics includes basic tumbling, flexibility and other balance skills. Hand balancing skills on ground, posts and people.
Contortion - Designed for that flexible performer who wants to take there flexibility to a new level. Class includes hand balancing skills and duo balancing contortion with partners.
Stretching / Flexibility - For anyone that wants to stretch and get more flexible. We focus on balancing opposing muscles for better posture and pain relief.
Acro Pyramids - Human pyramids and balance - Duos, Trios, Quads and more!

Friday Open Workouts  - Have fun while practicing and keeping up your strength. This is not a training session or class however a qualified trainer will be available for any questions or help and to closely monitor the safety of all. Fridays 6 - 8 pm. $15 for students who are currently on an 8/16 Block. $20 for all others.

Personal Practice Time - Two hours to work on whatever you want. This is great for working on your flexibility, strength or that new trick you learned last week. ;) Some use it to work on show routines.

The Works - This is a class hour with instructors for both ground and aerial acrobatics including Stretching and Fabric Fitness.  *Note -Fabric Fitness will only be for tricks and not the traditional hours ongoing workout. Students are welcome to do any skills in both aerial and ground.


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*Remember, the account name should be the person thats taking a class (not the parents/guardians name) unless the parent/guardian will be taking classes too.*