The AAPAF Family


Karen Castle (Owner) was considered one of Hollywood's top stunt women for over 10 years. She's had a very successful career as a Hollywood Stuntwoman specializing in heights and circus related stunts.  She was the personal stunt double for Jane Fonda, Kirstie Alley and many others.  Karen is the only woman in history to be on the very top of one of the Golden Gate Bridge upright stanchions where she did a stunt at 746 ft. high for the James Bond movie "A View To  A Kill".  She has also performed one of the highest high falls into a net.  It was from a helicopter 90 ft. high.  All high falls from this height land in stunt airbags.  She was nominated for best fight sequence for the first annual Taurus Stunt Awards.  She was also recognized by being inducted into the World Acrobatics Society's Hall of Legends for her success and achievements as a professional acrobat.  These are just a few of her remarkable achievements.  In addition to her career as a professional circus performer Karen has been recognized as one the world’s top aerial and acro-pyramid trainers and choreographers.  She was creator, co-founder , trainer, choreographer and costumer for the American Acrobats professional performance troupe from 1989-2018. Her new professional performance troupe, AcrOvation, is stating in September 2019. She has a passion for teaching and a gift for helping others realize their full potential. 

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Courtney Pratt  is our Head Trainer as well as our top American Acrobat performer.   Courtney has been an AcrOvation performer. She has performed professionally for Karen for over 13 years with her original company American Acrobats. Her performances include countless shows across our country including Las Vegas. She is truly one of a kind with an unusual background in numerous ground and aerial acts.    She has done aerial acts and stunts 80 ft. high under a helium balloon and a hot air balloon, descended down buildings as high as 385 ft and served champagne from a chandelier at very high-end corporate events. Her performance abilities and sweet personality make her a great trainer and she is well-rounded in both aerial and ground acrobatics.

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Matthew Armenta is a professional Aerial Artist, Choreographer, and Coach based out of Moreno Valley , CA. Matthew is a big believer that circus is for anybody with and body. With 10 years of training, coaching, and performing under his belt he is highly qualified and is sure to impress. Matthew has performed nationally as well as Internationally. Noted performances and clients include: NCIS Wrap Party, LA Travel Magazine, and Vanessa Hudgens. Although He is still new to the workshop coach scene, Matthew has managed to book workshops with several studios throughout the US as well as Internationally.


Aleesha Burns has eight years experience with the Great All American Youth Circus and has received training from American Acrobats for the past three years. Aleesha has experience in Ground Acrobatics, Aerial Silks, Single and Duo Leir, Aerial Hammock, Static Trapeze, Hanging Perch, Juggling and Diabolo. Performance experience beyond the Great All American Youth Circus includes professional shows with the American Acrobats, charity events, birthday parties, and high school dances.  As a trainer, Aleesha has enjoyed helping others for the past seven years and has worked with all ages, from toddlers through adults.  With a deep passion for fitness and the circus arts, she looks forward to helping each person she trains accomplish individual goals.

Jeanne Iridescent

Jeanne fell in love with the circus arts back in 2009 when she discovered the world of object manipulation. Contact juggling was the first object she picked up. Think David Bowie (Michael Moschen's hands) from The Labyrinth. As a lifelong yogi devoted to flow and movement, she naturally gravitated towards hoop and fire poi next.

In 2012 Jeanne launched her first teaching program designed to get children and families to practice yoga. "Magik Yoga Mat Rides with Jeanne" was born with humble roots that started at the Redlands YMCA. She currently maintains a successful and inspiring reputation as an in demand yoga teacher all over the Inland Empire. 

Jeanne is beyond thrilled and honored to join the teaching team at American Acrobats as a Fabric Fitness instructor. 


Anusha Keshavan is a seasoned performer in both aerial and ground acrobatics. She has been with the Great All American Youth Circus for seven years while frequently training with the American Acrobats throughout the years. Her training focuses on contortion, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Ribbon, Lyra, Trapeze, Webs, Tumbling as well as Hand balancing. In addition to her diligent circus training, Anusha is currently pursuing a career in Los Angeles as a professional dancer and is training with top commercial studios such as Millenium Dance Complex, Edge Performing Arts Center, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Movement Lifestyle and IDA Hollywood. She started ballet at the age of seven and eventually branched out into more styles such as contemporary, hip hop, jazz, jazz funk and heels dancing. Her passion for performing and joy for teaching brings a positive energy that reflects the students, trainers and studio as a whole. 

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Katya Baty  has performed with the Great All American Youth Circus for seven years in acts including Aerial Ribbon, Hammock, Aerial Hoop, Contortion, Advanced Acro, andHanging Perch, as well as experience with assistant training. Katya has not only performed for seven consecutive circus seasons, but has also performed aerial routines at multiple charity events, children's camps, and health fairs. In addition to the Y Circus, she has received four years of instruction from American Acrobat trainers. Katya brings  a positive and enthusiastic attitude and is passionate about the circus arts.